tips & tidbits: andrew skurman.

tips & tidbits: andrew skurman.


The French have their berets and their slim silhouettes and their curbside espressos, but for us, the romance of the bucolic country isn’t in its cultural clichés: It’s in the food, or rather, the way it’s prepared—even more specifically, when it’s cooked up in a La Cornue oven. There’s something very Loire Valley about the solid metal doors and delicate copper detailing that somehow makes even a picture of a kitchen in modern day San Francisco look like it could smell of freshly baked baguettes. So, it makes perfect sense that when architect Andrew Skurman was looking to add some authenticity and functionality to his renovation of a stately, historic mansion, he paired a La Cornue with a repurposed French antique island. “My main concern was that the transition from old to new not be too jarring,” explains Skurman. “Creating a beautiful kitchen is not as simple as making sure all of your cabinets are made to match. It’s a labor of love.”



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