editor's obsession: peacock pendant.

editor's obsession: peacock pendant.

For those of you who don’t watch nearly as many embarrassing, teen-targeted rom coms as I do, the term “peacocking” may require a little illuminating. I’ll save you the scary work of stumbling over to Urban Dictionary and give you the first entry for the term on the site: “dressing for attention,” mostly to attract a mate. But after seeing this brand new peacock pendant from Tiffany & Co., I’m voting for an entirely different definition: one that involves wearing this gorgeous tanzanite and diamond, platinum necklace. And, if you’re reading this, Merriam-Webster, I’m entirely available to model the look on your pages, provided you let me take it home with me after.




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Posted by Ann Bocchi on 10/10/2011 2:07:00 PM

ABSOLUTELY stunning! One of my favorite things I have ever seen from Tiffany.

Posted by Twinkie on 10/10/2011 5:34:00 PM

This is gorgeous!!

Posted by Liane on 11/2/2011 2:00:00 PM

I actually gasped. Be still my heart . . .