style scout: gray grooming.

style scout: gray grooming.


There is a disproportionate amount of beaded tops and lace numbers in our respective closets. And we'd be lying to you if we said we don't often gravitate toward beautiful pieces of furniture with delicately turned legs and overly ornate detailing, or that we don't spend an embarrassingly long time researching all things ikat. But, as much as we love feminine design, we have a major soft spot for the moody grays and warm woods of more masculine settings, like this stunning bathroom by Los Angeles designer Annette English. We love the rich texture of the jagged-edge, charcoal stone wall from Stone Source that separates the space from the master bedroom and the hound’s-tooth upholstery on the St. Cere chair. But English sums it up best: “I wanted the space to speak to today but also be timeless. I’d like to visit again in five years and find that it doesn’t look dated and still holds a lot of the same character, personality and warmth it does now.” As for us? We’re putting our party dresses aside and helping you recreate the look with these fun picks.

From left: Painting by Barbara Kerwin; pendant from Fuse Lighting; chair from Jiun Ho.



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Posted by Jiun Ho on 10/6/2011 3:59:00 PM

Great job!! Congrat!