design dialogue: tasha sabatino.

design dialogue: tasha sabatino.


What Arizona has in spades—despite its fair share of weird news stories—is gorgeous terrain and nearly breathtaking landscapes. It’s hard, though, to focus on all of the natural beauty outside when you step into MAST. We’ve been known to hike the occasional molehill, but the Tucson shop is the summit of our trips when we’re in town: Their selection of delightfully whimsical wares, like reupholstered vintage pieces, handmade jewelry and hand-printed stationery, is inspiring, and so are the ladies who run it. We got to snag one of them—the lovely Tasha Sabatino—and ask her what pushes her creativity into high gear. “When we have an inspiration, we create with it, and it goes directly into the store, ” she says of her collaboration with co-owenrs Mellow Dawn Lund and Sofie Albertsen Gelb. “You can feel the freshness!”

Where do you like to shop?
Preen for gorgeous vintage wares; Gersons for inspirational and functional recycled building materials; and Colonial Frontiers, where gorgeous furniture abounds.

Describe your prized possession.
My 1965 Slingerland pink sparkle drum set; it sounds amazing and looks pretty magical, too.

Do you have a keepsake?
The beautiful, silver compass heart necklace that Sofie gave me for my last birthday. It keeps me headed in the right direction. 

What’s on your nightstand?
A sizable stack of books, including The Blue Train, by Lawrence Clark Powell, and a 1940s crystal lamp with a Liza Smith hand-etched lampshade. 

Who are your design icons?
Coco Chanel, Patch and Clark, Tom Ford, and local architect and designer Cade Hayes.

What’s on your wish list?
A baby blue 1969 Mercedes 300 SE. I love the classic Mercedes lines, leather and wood, and the ’69 edition even has tiny rear fins.




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