design dialogue: cassandria blackmore.

design dialogue: cassandria blackmore.


If Cassandria Blackmore went by the old adage, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, her artwork would probably be wildly different than it is today. Instead, Blackmore’s motto is decidedly more, if there’s nothing to fix, break it. And it’s this philosophy that best defines her pieces: meticulous paintings rendered on glass before they're smashed to pieces and delicately placed back together. And if you think Blackmore’s process is counterproductive, you have only got to see the end result—which is something like a painting, a mosaic and a piece of stained glass all in one—to have a change of heart. Check out what the revolutionary Washington artist does when she’s not busy being a real glass act, here:

Where are your favorite places to shop?
Revival Home & Garden, Retrofit Home and Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings in Seattle. Also Nest in San Francisco; it has everything from exotic textiles to light fixtures. I’d describe it as bohemian; it’s slightly Parisian but globally far-reaching. 

What’s your current obsession?
The mosaics that were urgently excavated from the ancient Roman city of Zeugma before it was flooded with water to create the Birecik Dam in Turkey.

Do you have an inspiration?
Yes. The Western Bridge, a nonprofit contemporary art space founded by Seattle collectors Bill and Ruth True.

What’s your favorite museum?
The Centre Pompidou in Paris. I’d love to do an installation there that you could walk inside of and be surrounded by smashed glass, a sculptural glass house that is shattered and put back together.

Describe your most memorable commission.
It was a 50-foot-wide permanent installation in The Waldorf Astoria Orlando hung on a curved electric blue wall.



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Posted by Bob & Nancy on 10/12/2011 8:27:00 AM

An amazing artist, woman and friend. She has such a wonderful vision that shows in her art and her family.