design dialogue: lars bolander.

design dialogue: lars bolander.


We’ve always been jealous of the kind of people who can pull off wearing glasses; we always end up looking slightly more Mr. Magoo than Tina Fey. Lars Bolander, though, makes it look effortless, like a natural extension of his buttoned-up, yet cool style. And so it comes as no surprise that this flawless ease extends into his business practice, eponymous antique showrooms in New York and West Palm Beach.

Where do you like to shop?
I like Nicholas Haslam’s shop and David Linley in London.  There are several shops in Paris on Rue du Bac that are wonderful. I always buy my vests there.

Do you have a prized possession?
Yes. It’s a painting of my two sons by an English artist, Ian Sidaway. He also painted me inside an Absolut Vodka bottle. It says, “Absolut Lars.”

What’s your current obsession?
Spinning. I go three times a week.

Who’s your favorite designer?
David Hicks is someone I really admire, for his use of color and for his designs in fabric and carpet.

How do you like to indulge?
With food. I love to cook, and my oldest son, Howard Kalachnikoff, is a chef at Gramercy Tavern in New York, so food is in the family. More than we talk about design, we talk about food.

What do you collect?
Art and books. Also furniture, but I don’t think I can collect any more because I have too much of it.

Describe your personality.
Never panic. I’m always easygoing.



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