design dialogue: cedric dupont.

design dialogue: cedric dupont.


By the time Cedric DuPont was seven, he had already developed a taste for luxury goods from his antique-dealing parents, who lent him the capital for a proud purchase of his own: a pair of 19th-century French porcelain vases. At 20, DuPont partitioned off a section of his parents’ store in Palm Beach to showcase his own finds before going off on his own. Now, his eponymously named showroom is a mainstay in South Florida, and we’re lucky to have grabbed a little inspiration from him here:

What’s your most-prized antique?
From my shop, a spectacular 19th-century Louis XVI gilt bronze and porphyry stone clock by Raingo Frères.

Do you have a favorite museum?
The Frick, because it’s geared toward what I specialize in (18th- and 19th-century art), and the Louvre, for its diversity of paintings and sculptures.

Describe your personal philosophy.
Everything is possible, if you believe.

Who’s your favorite artist?
The Venetian painter, Canaletto. He was very detail-oriented, which I appreciate because I am, too.

What is your favorite era for design?
Louis XVI. The art was masculine enough to make a statement, yet it was pure, with straight, clean lines.

Do you have any tips for collectors?
A piece can still be very valuable, even if it isn’t signed and doesn’t have a great pedigree.



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