design dialogue: caroline wright.

design dialogue: caroline wright.


There’s something about Austin artist Caroline Wright that just seems effortless, and that same laissez-faire attitude extends to her art. “I have to let my process be my guide,” she explains. “I go into the studio every day and just paint. I don’t define it. It’s a process of listening, not thinking.” This ability to listen comes from her youthful training as a cellist, but she has the technique to back it up thanks to a double major in art and art history from Brown University. As for what makes the artist tick, we’ve got that here:

Who’s your favorite artist?
Cy Twombly. He did some really large paintings that have these magnificent, subtle changes throughout that create a different world. He was just amazing.

What influences you in your work?
I take a lot from nature. I never work from photographs. I like to experience and later translate what I remember seeing. 

Do you collect anything?
Yes. Typewriters. I use them to write letters to people and to make little notes. It’s a small collection, but I have some from my time in Italy and France, so they have different keyboards and accent markers. 

Did you ever experience a moment of artistic envy?
When I saw one of Gerhard Richter’s abstract paintings in Paris, I had this pang of jealousy in my gut. He has such a facility and can do whatever he wants to do. 

Is there one thing you can’t live without?
Yoga. It keeps me grounded and balanced, and it’s become just like drinking water to me. I feel parched if I don’t do it every day. 

What’s your favorite museum?
The Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin is great. It’s a contemporary art museum housed in an old train station. It’s huge, and I love that it allows each piece of work so much space of its own. I really appreciate that.




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