in the spotlight: lui 6 armchair.

in the spotlight: lui 6 armchair.

As children, we spent a lot of time wondering about what sitting on a cloud might feel like, so by the time we were old enough to realize the answer was a simple one (Wet!), we had already moved on to more weighty pursuits (like makeup and shoes). Or at least, we thought we had moved on, until we saw this whimsical chair by Philippe Bestenheider for Fratelli Boffi. While we can’t attest to how the quilted padding measures up to the fluffy cumulus of our imaginations—since we haven’t taken it for a test drive just yet—it certainly looks the part; and it’s a part that New York-based designer Katie Lydon seems to think would fit into some dreamy ambiances. “The gold leaf is fabulous,” she says, “and the eggplant-colored, hexagonal-tufted upholstery tones it down and strikes the right balance.”



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